Installing Steam and Team Fortress 2 on 64 bit ArchLinux

Team Fortress 2

Some people complain about the difficulty of playing in linux, well, here is an easy method to get Team Fortress 2 to play flawlessly on Arch Linux 64bit. Follow the instructions, comment and enjoy!

If you dont have it already, install wine:
sudo pacman -S wine

Wine its a 32bit application, so it needs 32 bit drivers for the video card, so install

For nvidia cards:

sudo pacman -S lib32-nvidia-utils

For intel cards:

If you have an intel-graphics card, you’ll need to install

4 Responses to “Installing Steam and Team Fortress 2 on 64 bit ArchLinux”

  1. Pacman says WINE doesn’t exist.

  2. If this happens and you have a 64bit system, then you have to enable the new multilib repository in order to get wine. To do that, edit /etc/pacman.conf and add the following lines:

    #32bit libs for 64 bit Arch
    Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

    And then refresh your entire database with:

    sudo pacman -Syy

    then try to install wine

    If you are on 32 bit then just uncomment the “community” repository on your pacman.conf and refresh with pacman -Syy

    hope it helped

  3. Seems like the guide is missing the last part?


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