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Ubuntu 10.04 Server Guide PDF

For those of you who want it, here is the Ubuntu Server Guide for the new 10.04 Release in PDF format, Its a little tricky to find it online or make a mistake and download the 8.04 one, so to avoid having to search the vast Ubuntu Documentation, here you go!!! Ubuntu 10.04 Server Guide Share:FacebookTwitterWhatsAppTelegramPinterestGoogleMoreLinkedInRedditEmailPrintTumblrLike this:Like...

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Copy a virtual machine from one computer to another

Copying a VirtualBox virtual machine onto another host computer To copy the image to another computer: 1. Close VirtualBox if it’s running. 2. Go to your home folder and enable show hidden files through the View menu. 3. Find the .VirtualBox folder, go to the HardDisks folder and copy the .vdi file you want to use. In my case I burned the file to a DVD because we have so many people who will be needing to save this in their home directory. 4. Now go to the other host computer you want to use that .vdi file on...

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Heroes Of Newerth Open Beta OUT!!!!

Heroes of Newerth is a DOTA based game which provides player stats, powerful matchmaking system, game reconnection, diverse heroes and my favourite, leaver protection! This game was closed beta for a while but now It has just become open so everyone can test and play it. Here is a video so you can get the idea: Download directly from SNOTT the windows version, notice that you have to create an account on to be able to play. Download for WINDOWS Download for LINUX Linux Install Instructions: Make the file executable with: chmod +x run in terminal with:...

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Chakra Linux – KdeMod and ArchLinux based distribution

The chakra-project is an Arch Linux based distribution with a tweaked kde environment. KDE is a very cool desktop environment but its very heavy on system resources, what chakra developers are doing is tuning this desktop environment to provide a faster experience to the use, pair that with the ROCK-SOLID ArchLinux backend and you have one of the best Linux distributions available to date. They provide a hassle free live cd that anyone can try, and best of all, ITS FREE!!! Another plus side, its that the Arch Linux community is very savvy Linux-wise and will help you in everything they can I you have a problem. you can it even install chakra in an USB drive and have your operating system follow you wherever you go! Here is a screenshot of the live cd installer: And to wrap it up, the also made some very nice applications to control your system, shaman and arxin. The first one is a frontend for “pacman” the software installer and application maintainer for arch linux, the second one is a tool for tweaking many advanced system settings (like your boot parameters) in an easy way. Here is a screenshot so you can see how it looks once installed, pretty sleek if you ask me. So go ahead and give it a try you wont regret it. Official Chakra Website Share:FacebookTwitterWhatsAppTelegramPinterestGoogleMoreLinkedInRedditEmailPrintTumblrLike this:Like...

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Human arm transmits broadband

First we sent data through wires, then the air, now the human body is becoming a communications conduit. Researchers at Korea University in Seoul have transmitted data at a rate of 10 megabits per second through a person’s arm, between two electrodes placed on their skin 30 centimetres apart. The thin, flexible electrodes use significantly less energy than a wireless link like Bluetooth. That’s because low-frequency electromagnetic waves pass through skin with little attenuation, a route that also shelters them from outside interference. source Share:FacebookTwitterWhatsAppTelegramPinterestGoogleMoreLinkedInRedditEmailPrintTumblrLike this:Like...

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