Heroes of Newerth is a DOTA based game which provides player stats, powerful matchmaking system, game reconnection, diverse heroes and my favourite, leaver protection!

This game was closed beta for a while but now It has just become open so everyone can test and play it.

Here is a video so you can get the idea:

Download directly from SNOTT the windows version, notice that you have to create an account on www.heroesofnewerth.com to be able to play.

Download for WINDOWS

Download for LINUX

Linux Install Instructions:

Make the file executable with:

chmod +x HoNClient-0.3.1.sh

run in terminal with:

$sudo ./HoNClient-0.3.1.sh

UPDATE: This game download is very old, but I choose to keep it here so you guys have an alternate mirror for downloading the game in case hon servers get overloaded, I will try to upload the new version of Linux client when I have some spare time, also notice this game is now totally FREE to play!