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Handy Arch Linux commands

Here I will show you some useful commands that will make your life a lot easier, some of them are specific to Arch Linux while the majority will run on any distro. # = means execute as root or with sudo   Get a list of installed packages # comm -23 <(pacman -Qeq|sort) <(pacman -Qmq|sort) > pkglist.txt This gets all explicitly installed top-level packages, i.e. those that are not required by other packages, and sorts them from a to z and then outputs the result to a file. Store this package list somewhere safe and handy (you can also...

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Wayland coming to Arch Linux

The Wayland compositor has landed on Arch Linux, although not offering much at the moment, you can run X inside of Wayland (and that’s about it), because there are not too many usable apps that are Wayland ready. If  you only run apps made for X (ie. you are not developing any Wayland app or testing anything), you are only adding an additional layer with no extra functionality. Here is the info straight from the Arch Linux dev-public mailing list: Some news from the front: – Wayland is in extra, thanks to Tom G. for moving it. – Mesa...

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Watch Netflix on Archlinux

Finally someone came up with a way to watch Netflix on Linux. The Official workaround is Ubuntu only, but the Archlinux community has repackaged the software, which consists on the Windows version of Mozilla Firefox and a patched wine with Silverlight support. For installing you can go 2 ways: 1- Get it from the repository Add the following to /etc/pacman.conf: [archnetflix] Server =$repo/community/$arch [demz-repo-community] Server =$repo/$arch Both the database and the packages are signed, so you will have to add my key to pacman’s trusted key list. # pacman-key -r 0EE7A126 verify it using the info below...

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Recovering from a totally dead boot partition

Here is the case: The hard disk containing your /boot partition has just died, you have a separate RAID1 array (using mdadm) with all the information on the array intact, but the system is unable to boot because all the files in /boot got lost. Your best bet is to get the following iso onto a USB flash drive or CD: Ubuntu secure remix provides the following functionalities: Full Ubuntu DVD distro integrates Clean-Ubiquity: automatic backup of the MBRs and partition tables when installing Ubuntu, which is highly recommended for dual-boot Ubuntu-Windows (or MacOS) integrates OS-Uninstaller (tool to...

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Thanks for the support!!

When I started this blog I did it as a hobby and to document some of the hiccups I get while managing my servers. Today I want to share with you the annual report on how this site did. People tend not to share this kind of things but I do. The most surprising stat for me is that on 2012 alone, this blog racked up 22 000 visits, that’s a lot when you take into account that I don’t do SEO at all, I just write what comes to mind and problems or cool stuff I find...

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