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Mozilla in 2012 Infographic

I stumbled across this cool infographic about the stuff Mozilla did this 2012. Being the best open source browser in my opinion (And also the less evil) I think they deserve recognition for all the stuff they are doing to empower users to participate proactively in making the web a better and OPEN place. Share:FacebookTwitterWhatsAppTelegramPinterestGoogleMoreLinkedInRedditEmailPrintTumblrLike this:Like...

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Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal will include amazon search results

In a move that has proved to be controversial among Linux fans, Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu, has decided to include Amazon search results in the release of the Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Dash search function. The reason why many people do not like this development, is that they think it means Ubuntu is now adware. However, the founder of the company, Mark Shuttleworth, has responded to these complaints by explaining why this is actually not the case. While Amazon will indeed be included in Ubuntu 12.10, it will be one of many other additions as well and is...

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Linux Distros in short

Here I will discuss the Linux distros I have tried, my experience using them and the default options and programs they use so you can choose for yourself or at least have some information without searching a gazillion websites. Bodhi Linux Website: DE: E17 browser: Midori package manager: apt Minimal ubuntu derivative distro, focuses on simplicity and speed while providing a desktop tailored according to the user device (laptop,tablet,desktop,etc). It is the best way if you want to try the Enlightenment Desktop but don’t want to fiddle around with the complicated installation and configuration it involves. Arch Linux...

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Damn Small Linux is back!

Damn Small Linux website and OS just came back from the dead, this Linux distro is focused on making your old and crappy hardware usable again for something other than paperweights. They managed to pack a full featured Linux graphical desktop on just 50 MB! that is very impressive. The DSL forum has been fixed and it now works properly, a new version of the distro has been released to fix incompatibilities and crashes. Lets hope from now on the distro keeps on prospering! If you want to download or try DSL and help the maintainers release the new...

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Pacman 4 arrives with package signing!

Pacman 4 has just been pushed into core after being in the testing repo for a while, this new version of pacman comes with a lot of new features and improvements over the older version, mainly: well-integrated and powerful signed packages and databases support in pacman, the library, and scripts (FS#5331) many code cleanup commits across library/binaries/scripts add new -S --recursive operation to upgrade a full dep chain allow -U operation even without sync databases (FS#26899) handle PGP signatures with a .sign extension Among many others, these improvements can prove to be a deciding factor in some users switching...

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