This MASSIVE graphic shows ALL Linux distros ever created, forked, developed and maintained in a single timeline (since 1992 to present). This will amaze you in the amount of distros available at the moment (360 and counting), and once again showing the world of choice that Linux is.

The distro that has the most derivative distros is Debian, including ubuntu derivatives.

The people making this timeline have been around for quite some time, hats off to them, really impressive work, you can check their website here.

Also one thing that caught my attention is the amount of Ubuntu Derivatives available, being Ubuntu a relatively new distro compared to others.

You will discover tons of stuff on the Linux World just by taking a quick look at the graphic, for example, I bet you didn’t know when your favorite distro started? or If your distro turned out to be a fork of a now dead one because all developers moved to a new one?


Linux Distro Timeline

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